Best Dog Leashes 2020 : Complete Reviews & Buying Guide

Best Dog Leashes 2020 : Well, a long dog walk can be very refreshing after a hectic day. But for that refreshment, your dog’s leash must be extremely comfortable. If it is not, then obviously it will irritate you, it will tire you more, and your hand will start paining and what not. So, being your well-wisher, we have to tell you what is best for you and whatnot. A simple thing as a leash can change your and your dog’s life after one walk only. We told you to use a dog leash, but our duty does not end here. We also need to tell you about the ten best dogs, leashes.

Top 10 Best Dog Leash Reviews 2020

And yes, here you go.

#1. Paw Lifestyles Heavy Duty Dog Leash

This dog leash is sturdy, durable, and robust. Perfect for medium to large dogs weighing about 110 lbs. its comfortable leash will help you walk for a long distance without any soaring hand.

Imagine yourself walking on a busy road with your heavy dog, and by chance, the leash broke. What amount of trouble can it cause to you? Well, just to avoid this accident, a good, sturdy leash is recommended when you take your large dog on a walk.

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The leash has a luminous thread stitching that will shine at night. This feature is not to make the leash look fancy but to avoid any sort of accident. It will make you and your dog visible from a distance at night also.

This leash is designed with double thickness as compared to other low-quality leashes in the market. It is made up of nylon. The handles are padded to make sure you are 100 percent comfortable. Generally, the nylon leashes leave a mark on your palm when held tightly, but this is not the case with this premium quality Paw Lifestyle Heavy Duty dog leash.

Like every product also has its pros and cons.


  • It is robust, sturdy, and durable.
  • The nylon is webbed to ensure its strength.
  • Perfect for large dogs.
  • The threads used in stitching are luminous; that is, it generates light so that you and your pet is visible at night.
  • The padded handles are the best part of this leash.
  • Prevent marks on hand while holding the leash tightly


  • Can be a pricier option for a few
  • It can be heavy for kids

#2. Max and Neo Reflective Nylon Dog Leash

If your dog is in its training age, very notorious, run here and there, then this dog leash is what you need. Sturdy, comfortable, soft handled, and whatnot. It can not only withstand the pulling force of a large dog but also be comfortable at the same time.

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It is suitable for use at night because of its exclusive reflective light thread stitching. The reflective thread used in its manufacture is a planned safety measure for you. Walking in the dark is not always safe because you might not be visible to other vehicles or strays nearby. This dog leash has shirked this danger away. Now you can be tension free while walking in the dark.

Let us discuss the pros and cons of this brilliant product


  • It is made up of high-quality nylon
  • It has comfortable padded handles
  • The lifetime warranty is another excellent feature of this dog leash
  • The manufacturers give one leash to every rescued dog owner for free, when one is purchased.


  • The swivel clip might get detached with a large dog’s extremely strong pulling.

#3. Blueberry Pet 20+ Colors Classic Solid Color Harnesses or Leashes

Only the brand name is single-colored- blueberry. But to my utter surprise, it is available in nineteen different colors. Such a wide variety of color choices is hardly available anywhere in the market. To make it extra sturdy and durable, it is made of nylon fabric.

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Although the leash color is uniform throughout its length, you can choose the collar of a different color to give it a fancy look. It is a long-lasting brilliant option. Also, to mention that it is budget-friendly.

Now, time for some pros and cons.


  • Wide variety of colors available.
  • It is durable
  • Classic design


  • Not so fancy
  • Simple design
  • Uniform color throughout
  • Though it is sturdy but not chew proof
  • You need to pay attention that your dog does not eat it.

#4. Hertzko Heavy Duty Retractable Dog Leash

When talking about a dog leash, what could be better than a retractable dog leash? But mind our words, a low-quality retractable dog leash can do more than anything so good. It is essential to know that the retractable dog leash you are purchasing is of high and premium quality.  This sturdy leash will help you keep your dominant large dog in control. No matter what breed you have, this leash ensures the safety of you and your dog.

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The super comfy grip also helps you to enjoy your walk with your beloved dog.

Let us discuss the pros and cons of this product.


  • The best selling dog product in the market
  • Best for heavy dogs
  • It has a comfortable grip handle
  • Avoids any kind of marks when help tightly
  • It can stretch for about 16 feet.


  • Although it’s durable but not chew proof.
  • Need to take care that you does not break its handle
  • It can be heavy for children.

#5. Primal Pet Gear Dog Leash – Double Handles Lead for Control Safety Training

You can call it to control freak as well. Anyway, jokes apart, this leash comes with two handles. One handle at the end and one handle in between. When your extra energetic dog starts pulling itself more, you can hold the second handle and boom! He is in control. Both its handles are super comfortable and ensure security.

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It is one of its kinds in the market. The amount of planning applied in designing this product is visible in its two handles.  It is not only easy to control your dog through this leash, but the double handle implies double security to your dog’s walk.

Also, to mention that there are six different colored leashes available in the market.

Now time for some pros and cons of this product.


  • You get six different colors options.
  • It has two handles to ensure your and your dog’s safety
  • The handles offer a comfortable grip.
  • Unique in design.


  • Though the handles are comfortable, they are not padded
  • Rarely available in market

#6. TaoTronics Retractable Hands Free Dog Leash with Dual Bungees

This high-quality premium product is a retractable dog leash. This provides you with bungees that is two handles. It is designed to handle too large dogs weighing around 150 lbs. Ensuring your good safety, this dog leash has done all that you need while walking with a big bulgy dog. This retractable leash is extremely light weighted.

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There are damn so many features of this leash. One such feature is its adjustable waistband. Such a planned and unique design is rarely available in the market in today’s date. So you see, there is no compromise in your security, and because of the waistband, you can control your large dog even more easily. Another brilliant feature is in the thread used in its stitching. The threads are luminous, which means it reflects light. In the dark, at night, what else will you want for your security? The visibility of this leash will kill all the probability of an accident.

 Let us discuss the pros and cons of this brilliantly designed retractable dog leash


  • Lighter than any other retractable dog leash in the market.
  • Available with two bungees that mean double security
  • The best and the unique feature is its waistband
  • Best for the heaviest of dog
  • The price you pay for it will be worthy of it


  • None so far.

#7. OutdoorMaster Bungee Dog Leash, Improved Dog Safety & Comfort

You must be familiar with bungee jumping. Well, this unique outdoor master bungee dog is leash is somewhat inspired by the ropes used in bungee jumping. If your dog pulls aggressively, then this leash will help you stop him before any accident occurs.

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This leash is one inch broad, made of 1000D nylon with maximum durability. The handles are perfectly padded for a better and comfortable grip. It can extend up to four feet when fully opened.

Let us have a look on the pros and cons now.


  • Unique design
  • It is stretchable like elastic
  • Suitable for medium to large-sized dogs
  • The handles offer padded grip


  • None so prominent that will abide you from buying it.

#8. BAAPET 5 FT Strong Dog Leash with Comfortable Padded Handle

This dog leash is purposely designed for medium to large size dog. The low-quality ones are of no use; the company knows that. That’s why they have developed this sturdy, durable, and robust product. The upgraded cover on hand facilitates to hold it for more time without aching your hand.

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We all know that climbing rope is very sturdy. Well, this dog leash is made with the same half-inch thick in diameter and five feet long climbing rope. I am sure that you were doubtful about this product until you heard of the climbing rope. Well, that’s what smart customers do, believe the facts rather than accepting whatever is written. Trust me, once you use this dog leash, it is not going to disappoint you.

Again let’s talk about the practical facts. Here we go to view the pros and cons of this product.


  • There are different colors available for this leash.
  • It also features a luminous thread that will make your leash visible at night and avoid any accidents.
  • It is suitable for walking, running and training your dog
  • Ideal for heavy dogs up to 100 pounds.


  • Children might not be able to handle this because it is quite thick.

#9. Vaun Duffy Double Dog Leash

If your house has two dogs and you can’t take both of them to walk at the same time, then this is something for you. This double dog leash can be tied to two dogs at the same time. The company has manufactured this leash with the sole purpose of your comfort. It has a padded handle that provides perfect grips.

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Stitching is also done with reflective thread to make this leash visible at night and abide by any accident.


  • The swivel helps it not to tangle
  • It can be adjusted according to your dog’s height


  • Available in only one color
  • Can be expensive for a few

#10. LEATHERBERG Leather Dog Training Leash

As the name suggests, it is made of leather. Leather ensures the sturdiness of this leash. The cowhide leather is double stitched to make it even more durable. It is to tangle because it is belt-like. The swivel clip is also of premium quality.

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It is waterproof that is you rinse the dirt on it without worrying about it getting wet. It does not collect any fur because it does not have any fabric. It can be a budget-friendly option.


  • Come with a guarantee of one year
  • Durable and sturdy


  • Your dog might chew it because of the leather’s smell.
  • Do keep it out of its reach when not in use.

Best Dog Leash Buying Guide

It is evident that there are plenty of brands that manufacture dog leashes. Well, it is necessary for you to know which one is suitable for your dog. We have already listed the best 10 leashes, for you to choose the best one. This buying will guide you, which among these ten might be ideal for your dog.

Type of leash

There are several types of dog leashes available in the market. You can purchase any of them according to your dog’s behavior. If he is well trained, then take a less sturdy and more comfortable one. If your dog pulls a lot, then don’t take the retractable ones.

  • Standard leash
  • Retractable leash
  • Adjustable leash
  • Bike leash
  • Multiple leashes
  • Chain leash
  • Martingale leash
  • Seat belt safety leash

Clip style

The clip style also varies in every type of leash. Go for the sturdy one that does not detach when your dog pulls. Few are the example of clips available

  • Bolt snap
  • Swivel clip
  • Trigger snap

Size of the leash

According to the size of your dog, you should choose the size4 of the leash for it. There are several sizes too that are available in the market, but if you want a size that will work even if your dog grows in size, then go for the retractable ones.  The various sizes are

  • 4 feet
  • 6 feet
  • 8 to 10 feet
  • Longline leashes
  • Thing leashes
  • Slim leashes

The material of the leash

Well, the material of a leash should always be sturdy, no matter what bread you have. Also as far as possible the leash should not be chewable

  • Cotton leashes ( the easiest to be broken)
  • Chain ( sturdy ones)
  • Nylon
  • Leather (chewable)
  • Reflective ( always good)


We hope that you shop for the best leash that is ideal for your beloved pet. Your safety and happiness is all this article can guarantee.