Belt vs Cord Dog Leash : Which One is Best

Cord Vs Belt Dog Leash

In our earlier articles we have discussed about several types of leashes. One of those leashes is the retractable leashes. These are the best among all the types. The retractable leashes also come in two different forms. One is the belt form and the other is the cord form. People will say they both are equally good but there are some differences. On what ground? Well, we will discuss it later in this article.

First of all let us know about a few basic things.

What are corded retractable dog leashes?

When the retractable leashes first came in market they were in the cord form only. This was the initial form of the retractable dog leash. It is generally made up of nylon and is knotted. This knot is then placed in a leash case. The opposite end of this nylon cord is attached to a swivel clip. Various sizes of corded retractable dog leashes are available in the market. Depending on the size, weight, and strength of your dog you can choose the appropriate size of the leash.

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Pros of buying a corded retractable dog leash

  • They do not tangle with each other
  • The knot inside the spool makes in much sturdy
  • It is very strong
  • It can resist the rubbing against rough surfaces like walls, tree trunks, and rock surfaces
  • The corded leashes are lighter as compared to the belted leashes.

Cons of buying a belted retractable dog leash

  • Not good for notorious dogs
  • The knot inside the spool comes out sometimes, though glue is offered along with the product to stick it at times.
  • The leash might cause cuts or scratches to your dog if they run too much.
  • It might hurt if the dog started running around you, it is better to train your dog well.

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What are belted retractable dog leashes?

Since, the corded leashes used to cut the dogs when they used to coil around the masters, the manufacturers thought to invent an alternative for the corded dog leash. That alternative came out to be the belted retractable dog leash. They are also popular as tape leashes. The design is completely similar to the corded retractable dog leash but is somehow different because instead of plated nylon ropes, simple thin nylon is used in it. The belted retractable dog leashes are available in many designs. Different company makes its different design, like, pinched sewn, crimped and sometimes stapled.

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Pros of belted or tape retractable dog leashes

  • The belted dog leashes are best because they do not leave any bruises or cuts if they somehow get wrapped around you.
  • It can rub against your skin but we assure it does not cut
  • The belted leashes are too strong
  • They can resist any rubbing against rough surfaces just like the corded leashes did.
  • It is strong enough to withstand a heavy dog’s pull
  • In the bigger models of this product you get some lighter version, it basically depends on the manufacturer.
  • It is perfect for large breeds like Doberman and pit bulls.
  • There are belted retractable dog leashes like the Flexi Explore Retractable Belt Dog leash, they offer flip open cases, so that if your leash gets tangled or stuck you can easily open it up and fix your problem yourself

Cons of belted or tape retractable dog leashes

  • They are generally heavier than the corded retractable dog leashes.
  • There have been customers who have complained of the leash tangling inside the case.
  • Sometimes the retractable button would not work, but that can happen with the corded leash as well. This con completely depends on the individual product’s manufacturing.

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Which one is better?

In my opinion it the belted dog leash that works way better than the corded leashes. Though there are no prominent cons of the corded retractable dog leash but the experience with belted retractable dog leashes is always better. There are a few cons about the belted dog leash, like tangling and buttons not working but that happen mostly with the poor quality versions of the leashes.

A corded leash will not be a problem if you own a small breed dog because corded leashes go better with light weight dogs.


It is totally up to you that what kind of leash you want to own for your dog, but own the one that’s good quality-wise. The cheap priced ones will definitely give you cheap results. With this, I hope the article was helpful to you. Have a nice walk with your furry friend.

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