Best Retractable Dog Leashes 2020 : Reviews And Buying Guide

Retractable Dog Leash : So, as the name suggests, it is an accessory for dogs. The accessory might not define the product too well, so it a leash. The leash that it used to hold your dog. The retractable word means that it can be released and retracted, that is expanded and contracted in simple terms.

You must be thinking about its functionality and durability. So the function is effortless, as simple as a measuring tape. Yes, a measuring tapes because the design of measuring tapes inspires the design of the retractable dog leash. The way tape expands and rolls back into the plastic is the same with these retractable leashes. The regular strap that you used to use can’t extend or contract which might be uncomfortable for you and your. Maintaining a needed distance between you and your dog is what these retractable leashes can do.

You need to know that you should purchase only good quality retractable dog leash because the low-quality options can be disastrous. They may burn not only your money but also risk you and your dog.

Therefore, the purpose of this article to tell you about the best dog leashes. Now to make your shopping a bit easier, here are the top 7 best retractable dog leashes. But before that, know about what qualities you should look for in a retractable dog leash. The choosing of the leash depends on the kind, breed and behavior of your dog.

Best Retractable Dog Leashes Review

Here we reviewed top 7 best retractable dog leashes with their highlighting qualities as well as pros and cons.

#1. Flexi New Classic Retractable Dog Leash

By far the best, the best option to purchase a dog leash is here. A light-weighted leash, perfect to use, extremely comfortable for dogs. When you get such a brilliant product then compromising over colour is heartbreaking. But to your surprise, this dog leash is available in various colours and sizes.  If you are a huge dog lover and have two to three dogs at home and you can take only one dog out at a time, then these leashes are perfect for you because they are remarkably light. You can take all your doggies out at the same time.

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The stop button mechanism will also let you control the speed of your notorious dog. Once you are satisfied with the released length of the leash, you can lock the button and continue your happy dog walk.

The accessories or attachments we talked about above can also be purchased separately. To our amazement, this company manufactures all these accessories. The Flexi flashlight, Flexi multi-purpose box etc. this versatile box can be used in several ways, like for carrying a water bottle, poop holding bags, treats etc.

Let’s eye the product in a few words:

  • Stop or lock mechanism: both are available
  • Swivel clip: yes, it is available
  • Cord or tape leash type: available in both types
  • Weight:85 oz
  • Sizes available: various
  • Colours available: black, pink, blue, red
  • Guarantee: 2 years

Every product has its pros and cons, so let’s discuss them now.


  • Various sizes and colours are available.
  • Light-weighted and is ideal for the multi-dog people.
  • Manufactured in Germany, so compromise with quality is almost not possible.


  • Not suitable for extra notorious dogs.
  • The neckband is of nylon which is not comfortable for dogs.

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#2. TUG 360 DEGREE Tangle-free:

Its their (dogs) natural tendency to pull the leash away from their masters; in this case, the effectiveness of a retractable dog leash might decrease. Although your dog does not stretch, its movements are unpredictable than also the effectiveness of the leash falls. Most leashes do not have a mechanism that provides the sideway pull. It might break the leash even.

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We said most of the leashes don’t have this facility, but the TUG 360 degree can withstand all of it. This leash is perfect for big as well as small dogs. Mostly it’s suitable for the active and young dogs that have nothing to but run here and there on the road.

No matter what breed you have, this company has leashes suitable for all of them. Be it Chihuahua or a huge German shepherd; they are not going to disappoint you. There are several colours and sizes available in the market; you cango for them.

Again, with this leash also you can use some attachments. The only drawback is that you have to purchase them separately. This company does not manufacture any of these.

Summary of the product.

  • Stop or lock mechanism: available in both
  • Swivel clip:yes, it is also available
  • Cord or tape leash type: the only tape is available.
  • Weight: various
  • Sizes available: various
  • Colours available: white, orange, blue, white
  • Guarantee: 1 year.

Now, discussing the pros and cons.


  • It is appropriate for dogs up to 110 lbs.
  • The grip is comfortable, and the design is unique.
  • Can’t be a tangle, which makes it resistant to breakage.
  • A simple lock mechanism is suitable for owners having joint issues like arthritis.
  • Perfect for notorious dogs who pull their owners in all directions.


  • The tape type is not very strong, and if your dog has sharp teeth, he might even chew it.
  • The inner mechanism can become less durable with time.

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#3. Tao Tronics Retractable dog leash

These leashes are best for medium to large dogs weighing up to 110 lbs. If you live in the colder regions of the world, then this might be a good option for you. The inner string can withstand the temperature as low as minus 86 degree Fahrenheit. Moreover, the string would not contract, and the functionality of the leash will remain the same.

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There is a one-hand braking system, which can be a great option for the owners who take two or more dogs out at the same time. You can quickly stop the dog with just usingone hand, so of course, it is comfortable. Whereas, the low-quality options does not facilitate this.

Unlike the two leashes, we talked about above; this leash has its accessories already attached. So now you see the amount of thought they have given in manufacturing these leashes.

Summary of the product below.

  • Stop or lock mechanism: both are available.
  • Swivel clip: yes, it is also available
  • Cord or tape leash type: only tape leash type is available.
  • Weight:19 lbs
  • Sizes available: one size for medium-sized dogs and one for the large-sized
  • Colours available: black and blue
  • Guarantee: 1 year

Let us now discuss the pros and cons


  • Unique and comfortable design
  • Anti-slip handle
  • Comes with all the accessories already attached
  • Can be used in the area with freezing temperature. The temperature can’t fiddle with its mechanism.
  • A one-hand braking system that can stop your dog using just one hand. Also suitable for large dogs.


  • The swivel clip is small and not the most durable one.
  • The locking mechanism is not perfect in all pieces. Few might get stuck also.

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#4. Peteast retractable dog leash

This amazing retractable dog leash uses some of the most lasting and durable materials around the world. Materials like stainless steel, ABS non-toxic plastic, impact-resistant nylon, and plastic infused with fire glass are used to make this product. When all the elements of this product are of top quality, then, of course, the product itself would be long-lasting.

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With other poor options, its evident that the plastic used in the handle of the leash, will definitely not withstand pulling off a larger dog. This basically means you have set fire to your money by purchasing the low-quality dog leash. This can also result in hurting yourself and your dog.

The manufacturers of this retractable dog leash believe in this product so much that they offer a 180 days warranty to the buyer.

Summary of this product

  • Stop or lock mechanism: both are available.
  • Swivel clip: yes, it is also available
  • Cord or tape leash type: only tape type is available
  • Weight: 1 lb, 1.32 lbs
  • Sizes available: 16 ft
  • Colours available: black
  • Guarantee: 6 months

Coming to the pros and cons of this retractable dog leash.


  • The nylon leash has radium stitching so that it is visible at night from a distance. Thus, a safer option
  • Made from the best quality materials and there is no compromising with the safety.
  • Comes with free eco-friendly bags which are more like accessories. Not available with all options.
  • The inner coil is made of superior Japanese stainless steel.


  • The leash can quickly come out if your dog pulls
  • It retracts slowly that means the leash will become shorter gradually and can drag on the ground become all grimy and dirty.
  • It’s a pricier option.

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#5. SENYE Retractable dog leash

This leash is simple, designed and light-weighted. Without burning your pocket, this leash is durable. It is perfect for owners who want a leash to make the walk with their dog happy enough. This will also withstand the test of time and won’t disappoint you easily.

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Although this leash is very simple but fulfils all the expectations that a dog owner has from a leash. It is available in various colours.  It also provides a stop and lock button. It is made up of fray proof nylon.

Most brands manufacture leashes of a specific size for a certain kind of dog. In this case, this leas stands out. They provide various sizes that can be suitable for many dogs. The same leash can be used for a different dog as well, so it is ideal for the multi-dog household.

Summary of the product is below, do read it.

  • Stop or lock mechanism: both of them are available
  • Swivel clip: yes, it is also available
  • Cord or tape leash type: only tape leash type is available
  • Weight:2 oz
  • Sizes available: 16 ft
  • Colours available: black, green, pink and red
  • Guarantee: none

Let us talk about the pros and cons of this product now.


  • Can work for all dogs, be it small, big or large.
  • It is available in four different sassy colours
  • Simple design and unique handle
  • Breakage free nylon leash
  • Light-weighted, easy to carry, ideal for kids
  • On the less pricey size.


  • Even though it is non-breakable, it is not chewing proof.
  • The lock button might create problems at a time.

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#6. Flexi Giant tape leash

It is perfectly suitable for large dog owners. It is a durable and robust option. It has a thick nylon rope that cannot break easily. It can easily be coiled and placed back in the plastic case.

It has an extra-long rope. Opening the complete length is recommended only on empty terrains with a perfectly trained dog.

The summary of this product, below.

  • Stop or lock mechanism: both of these are available
  • Swivel clip: It is also available
  • Stop or lock device: tape type only
  • Weight: various
  • Sizes available: 26 ft
  • Colours available: black and neon
  • Guarantee: 2 years.

Now, time for its pros and cons


  • Very sturdy tape leash. Also suitable for the biggest of dogs.
  • Contains single-handed brake button
  • Very long-length provided.
  • Easy release and retraction
  • Best for the large dogs


  • The lock is not very good, might arise issues.
  • The tape is strong enough, but the clip might get loose or broken.

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#7. Flexi New Neon Reflective

Did it ever happen with you that your dog is not visible to you only? Its nighttime and this occurs quite sometimes with me because of the darkness. So not like the basic versions of this brand, this brilliantly coloured retractable dog leash might help you not to lose sight of your dog.

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The bright light reflected from the leash will be visible to vehicles and other dogs on roads, so eventually, it will keep your dog safe.

It is available only in one size. It is suitable for small to medium dogs. The handle of this leash is comfortable and non-hurting, so even children can easily use it.

The active dogs that trouble their masters, this leash are right for them. Like the other leashes of this brand, this one also provides you with attachment accessories.

The summary for this vividly bright neon retractable dog leash is given below.

  • Stop or lock mechanism: both of them are available
  • Swivel clip: yes, it is also available
  • Stop or lock device: only tape leash type available
  • Weight: 10.7 oz
  • Sizes available: small as well as medium
  • Colours available: black and fluorescent neon.
  • Guarantee: 2 years

Now let us discuss the pros and cons of the product


  • Best for use at night or in the dark.\
  • The panel are vividly reflective for best visibility at night
  • Quickest stop braking system
  • Attachment accessories is already given
  • Bright leash colour for better safety and visibility
  • The leash is durable with a guarantee of two years


  • Na

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Buying Guide of a good retractable dog leash


A dog leash needs to be a comfortable one because, of course, dogs are all the more energetic. They may jump, run or do anything when the leash is in your hand. Their jumping and running might hurt your hand. So to be on a safer side, go for something completely free of any risk of damaging your hand.

Good grip

Did it ever happen with you that your dog ran away with the leash in his neck? Well, if yes, then you should pay attention to the kind of leash you are using. Long dog walks are even more enjoyable when you don’t have to think of a petty thing like a leash’s grip.

Elongated length

What could be better if your dog leash can stretch to hands? Like humans, dogs also like to walk freely so if the leash can elongate more and more, it will work as a treat to your dog. Also, at times, you know it’s necessary to keep the dog near you, like on busy roads, and then you can manage the size accordingly.

Appropriate size

Well, dog walks are and should be longer. If you are carrying a big sized leash, then it’s quite obvious to make your hand sore. Thus it is recommended that you go for a light weighted and small-sized leash.

Colour and visibility of leash

One thing dog owners must be considered about before purchasing a leash for their dog is that the colourshould be visible in the dark and from far rather than being fancy.

In other words, when you are out with your dog having a walk at night, your leash must be visible to the ones on a vehicle. To avoid any sort of accident, dog owners must pay attention to this quality of a dog’s retractable leash.

Swivel clip

Dog leash contains an edge that has a swivel clip. This clip connects to the neckband of the dog, which is a significant part of a dog leash. The dog leashes without a swivel clip are more likely to get twisted, and it is not easy to straighten them back.

Before purchasing a dog leash with a swivel clip makes sure the product is durable. If your dog is naughty, then it might break the clip and run away from you even on a busy road.

The locking mechanism of a dog leash

A stop or lock button is provided to control the length of the leash. The length of the leash released will stop once to press the stop button. As we discussed above, it’s essential to have a long leash, but also at times, it must be short.

The stop mechanism works in two types. Firstly, you press the stop button and start walking. The stop button is usually available at the top of the leash handle. In this mechanism, you need to keep pressing the stop button for as long as you want.

The second type of mechanism offers to stop the action button. Which means, if you press the stop button of this mechanism, you will not need to keep pressing the stop button of the first mechanism. You can release the stop button, and the leash will not increase in size.

Type of the leash

There are two types of leashes, the cord and the tape leash type. The cord type is very light weighted and perfect for small dogs. But they are not very durable. The tape leash type is more substantial and long-lasting on the other side. They are excellent with both big and small dogs. So the recommendation goes for the tape type leash.

Attachments with the dog leash

Particular attachments can make your dog walls more comfortable and relaxing. The accessories can be a portable flashlight, a disposable poop bag holder, and a pouch for carrying treat. There are also portable water bottles from which your dog can quickly drink clean water.

The benefits of a retractable dog leash

Gives the dog more freedom

Well yes if you let your dog roam a little away from you, it will surely feel free. Dog’s happiness always matters to the owner that’s why just a simple act of taking your dog out with a retractable leash would do well.

It is more suitable for the well-behaved dogs

A well-behaved dog deserves better care, attention, and life. These retractable leashes are comfortable for them. You can adjust the length of the dog leash and enjoy the quality time with your dog.

Works as an excellent training material

If your dog is young and youthful, not knowing what well-behaving is and is always notorious, trying to get out of the house for freedom, then the retractable leashes are what you need precisely. Adjusting the length and making your dog walk near you is ultimately your call, but giving it some freedom to walk away from would also not do any worse.

Frequently asked questions about a dog leash

Can I reel by a dog back by retracting the leash?

No, because it might break the leash

Can the retractable dog leash used with a harness?

No, because then you will have to apply more pressure and this might make your dog aggressive or offensive.

Which option is better- cord type or tape type leash?

The tape type is a good both small and medium-sized dog, so this one is usually recommended.

Will my dog chew this?

Well, not necessarily, the good quality ones can’t be chewed.


The sole purpose of this article was to tell you why a dog leash is essential. From our side, we hope we have fulfilled this purpose. But be sure if you are new to using a retractable dog leash, then be extra careful.

Take care of yourself and your dog.

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